DASS Manuscript is a scientific and medical editing service run by scientists for scientists. We ensure the best opportunity for your manuscript to be accepted, your grant to be funded, your patent to be approved and your lecture to be successful. We optimize your chance of success by having your work clearly, concisely and accurately worded, with optimal presentation of your data. Our services are reasonably priced and are especially useful to those whose first language may not be English.


DASS Manuscript is designed to assist scientists, medical professionals and medical doctors with:

 * grammatical and editorial assistance

 * manuscript preparation, text editing and revision

 * scientific writing for manuscripts, patents,

        company reports, etc

 * specific keywords will now be automatically
 . . . provided for every manuscript submitted for editing


Our services can be requested by:

 * Email [hearing@dass-ms.com] - fast and reliable

 * FAX [+1 571 445 3096]



We provide quick, reasonably priced, accurate & confidential service.

Please contact us for your scientific, medical & business publishing needs.

We stand apart from other editorial services because:

  • Each manuscript is carefully edited a total of 4 times by 2 different scientists. 
  • Each edited manuscript is returned to you, within the time frame requested, as a revised copy with all changes shown and as a final copy ready for submission.  
  • All manuscript References are cross-checked in the text with those listed in the Reference section.
  • 1 page Abstracts and Cover Letters are edited free for our customers.